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Safety Measures for Our Hardworking Employees

Quality Assurance

Our management team plays a crucial role with every project by ensuring that our services meet certain thresholds of acceptability. This reduces cost because there is less waste and rework allowing us to offer competitive pricing. This also helps to improve worker motivation as workers have more ownership and recognition for their work.


Safety is a priority for our company. Accidents just don’t happen. Our employees come near potential hazards heavy equipment, trucks, traffic, hand tools, etc. Each employee is issued OSHA approved personal Protection equipment; hardhats, vests, safety glasses, hearing protection, half-face respirators, gloves and steel toe boots. Every employee is issued our safety handbook to read and reference to develop good safety habits and remind them of the importance of safety in the work place.

Each Superintendent is well versed in the safety policies and procedures. We conduct weekly safety meetings and daily toolbox topics. Our safety program includes; random inspections; pre- construction meetings; good housekeeping; CPR and first aid training.

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